Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February the First

On this first day of February, it's raining and a bit windy in the valley. Our temperature is supposed to climb to 62 - spring like and unusual for this time of year.  

The backyard was already soggy - it will be more so, now. There was a time, maybe three years ago, that we had so much rain, over an extended period of time, that water bubbled up out of the ground in the backyard. So far, this year, there is no bubbling, but you can sink in almost to your shoe tops.

Being an inside day, today will be a good day for dolls.  I'm a doll maker of sorts. I'll use fleece for the body, instead of muslin, to make a more huggable doll for a child. A light pink or cream might be good colors to use for the body. I'll try both, and we'll see which color I like best.

The dolls will be based on the character in my children's book "Morning Moon". They'll be taken to Tamarack in Beckley to be juried into the Tamarack of West Virginia system. That's the trick - they have to be accepted/approved, because Tamarack only takes the very best. So, we will see what happens when I travel that way at the end of February. Morning Moon is already being sold there, and the doll will be sold along with it.

So, though I've been up and stirring for quite awhile, I'm starting the productive part of my day a tad late. It's almost lunch time, and I'm still full of breakfast. I really must get busy - the day is waiting, and there won't be another like it.

(There hasn't been a post here for a long time, and this page is out of date. I'll work on that as time allows.)