Monday, March 7, 2011

Crocus Blooming & Other Things

Brave they are, the crocus,
popping their heads above ground
at the first warm whisper of spring
only to be cloaked by a late winter snow.


The husband of a friend is a builder. He builds birdhouses and bird feeders. I now own two of his bird feeders and one birdhouse. Will I mount them on a post or hang them from a tree? I'm still thinking about that.


It began it's life a few years ago. Over seven years ago, in fact -- probably eight. Meant for Little Gal as a baby quilt, it was never finished.
Other quilts made for Little Gal, back all those years ago,were quilted on the sewing machine.
Not this one!
For some reason this quilt and I couldn't see eye to eye. Although lines were drawn to follow with the needle, they kept shifting -- or was that the sewing machine jumping from one side to the other as we moved along.
No, I think that was me, pulling the quilt this way and that, trying to keep it on the straight and narrow. 

Finally, it was quitsville. I was fit to be tied, and that is exactly what happened to this quilt. 
Can you see the little threads? That's button thread.The thinking was that it would make a stronger quilt. The thinking, now is, "Will the knots will hold in a wash."
This thing is going to get finished, then given a splish splash in the washer.  Whether the knots are secure should be known, right away 
Likely, this quilt would still be hanging on the hanger it was hung on, back in 2003, if it wasn't needed, now.
The front, with it's angels flying, isn't the desired side to the quilt, though. It's the back. 
The back is covered with the cutest little smiling moons and blue and yellow stars. Just perfect for the purpose it's being completed for. 
What it will be used for will have to wait for another post. 
To be continued.