Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Nothing Day

What went on outside today, if anything, I don't know - will never know. 
The space I occupy this very minute is warm from the occupation. 
Tweaking this blog was the daylong activity that captured my time.
 How great an accomplishment that's been remains to be seen, if it ever is.
This evening I'll finish the last few chapters of Jan Karon's, 
"At Home in Mitford". 
I've been anxious to learn if Father Tim finally gives Cynthia an expected (by me) kiss. 
Do you think? 
So, this has been my Wednesday, a small bit of nothingness, in this cold, winter valley.
Having too much to do is an awful thing:
a curse.
Having nothing to do might be just as bad,
or worse.
Not wanting to do anything, 
whether there's anything to do or not,
might hasten the hearse!

It's been a nothing kind of day,
With nothing much to do or say -
All done in a nothing sort of way.
But, that's okay.
A myriad of fruits heap high my tray:
Nothing won't stay.