Sunday, April 17, 2011

Stuff a Doll - Watch a Movie

Little Gal likes to dance around with her dolls. Some time ago, a seller on Ebay put up for sell a pattern for a "dance with me" type doll. I won the auction and put the pattern away to be used when the right time came. The right time has come.

Today, I'm stuffing a "Dance With Me Doll", that's as tall as I am, and watching a movie. The movie is from 1949, a film noir. I love the forties movies and film noir. This one is "D.O.A" - about a man searching for who killed him. No, he's not a ghost! It's in the Public Domain and you can watch it here:

Little Gal will get her doll for Easter, and I will enjoy some movies from a time when movies were still good.

To catch up:
The Eaglet in Shepherdstown didn't survive, but there has been some new activity at the nest in the past few days. Maybe there will be a new family on the nest in the near future.

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